Thursday, October 15, 2009

Purse Pick Of The Week!

 This bag, ladies- takes my breath away!  Details seem to be this Fall's trend and no detail is more beautiful (in my opinion), than merlot python.  Michael Kors hit the spot with his Skorpios Large Hobo Python Bag (right).  The price tag? Around $2500.00.  Not cheap, but well worth the cost if you can afford it. If not, please don't allow me to break your heart- there ARE other options!!  Rather than GENIUNE python, look for leather handbags with a python or snakeskin print! 
For a fraction of the price, you can have the CARLY Signature Pouch Python Purse in Wine Burgandy (left). This little beauty is only $298 at

If you're still craving Michael Kors, you can always borrow it at The New Bag Borrow or Steal.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

A Great Excuse For a New Jewelry Wardrobe!!

As a mother/fiance/wife, it's not only tough to make TIME for yourself, it's very difficult to come up with a good reason to BUY something for yourself. I'm not talking about cooking utensils or a new sofa- things the rest of the family can enjoy that are totally justifiable- I'm talking about those totally selfish things like JEWLERY or...A new pair of shoes.

I spend hours of each day surfing the stores and the net, oogling at items that I love so more than I actually need them. After the oogling, I try and convince myself that I DESERVE that oh-so-gorgeous enamel bracelet that costs $399.99. Then I snapped myself back to reality, clicked the back button on my browser and came face to face with a Tiffany Blue ad and my two new best friends, Stella & Dot. The ad also showcased an enamel cuff bracelet that was even MORE beautiful and WAY less expensive than the one that could have put me into a quick state of buyer's remorse. Take a look at THIS beauty!

"So..." You may ask. "how MUCH less expensive is this?? It only $89.00, my dear, and the necklace that goes with it is absolutely stunning and costs only $89.00 also.

This company is Stella & Dot. I researched them and it is like no company I've ever been apart of. You can be a part of it, or simply invite all of your girfriends over to Host a Trunk show. Either way- you can justify you lust for beautiful jewelry without breaking the bank, or slacking on giving your kids their allowance. Sign up and immediatley recieve $350 in FREE jewelry PLUS get paid commission and earn more free jewelry. You can also contact me, simply host a Trunk Show and earn up to $250 in jewelry and get 50% off MORE jewelry. The most beautiful part of this business is, I get to make my own hours, spend more time with my family, make money AND look beautiful :)