Sunday, October 4, 2009

A Great Excuse For a New Jewelry Wardrobe!!

As a mother/fiance/wife, it's not only tough to make TIME for yourself, it's very difficult to come up with a good reason to BUY something for yourself. I'm not talking about cooking utensils or a new sofa- things the rest of the family can enjoy that are totally justifiable- I'm talking about those totally selfish things like JEWLERY or...A new pair of shoes.

I spend hours of each day surfing the stores and the net, oogling at items that I love so more than I actually need them. After the oogling, I try and convince myself that I DESERVE that oh-so-gorgeous enamel bracelet that costs $399.99. Then I snapped myself back to reality, clicked the back button on my browser and came face to face with a Tiffany Blue ad and my two new best friends, Stella & Dot. The ad also showcased an enamel cuff bracelet that was even MORE beautiful and WAY less expensive than the one that could have put me into a quick state of buyer's remorse. Take a look at THIS beauty!

"So..." You may ask. "how MUCH less expensive is this?? It only $89.00, my dear, and the necklace that goes with it is absolutely stunning and costs only $89.00 also.

This company is Stella & Dot. I researched them and it is like no company I've ever been apart of. You can be a part of it, or simply invite all of your girfriends over to Host a Trunk show. Either way- you can justify you lust for beautiful jewelry without breaking the bank, or slacking on giving your kids their allowance. Sign up and immediatley recieve $350 in FREE jewelry PLUS get paid commission and earn more free jewelry. You can also contact me, simply host a Trunk Show and earn up to $250 in jewelry and get 50% off MORE jewelry. The most beautiful part of this business is, I get to make my own hours, spend more time with my family, make money AND look beautiful :)

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