Friday, July 30, 2010

Momma's Got a New Job Description...

I am officially taking a stab at this whole stay-at-home momma thing. Stephan's business has taken off enough for me to justify my nearly non-existant job search (you know, if something FABULOUS comes up with a nice salary to match, I may consider applying) and I can focus primarily on being a mother, student of fashion and attempt to keep up with the neverending list of household chores.

This also comes with a nice bonus for Stephan- I will now be taking over the invoicing and marketing side of his business! So really, I AM working- it's just a part-time job with the added benefit of being able to telecommute!

I AM ECSTATIC! There are many who have doubted my ability to ever become a well-adjusted domesticated woman, but  now that I have time on my hands-it will be just fine. In my defense- before Stephan, I never cared about making someone dinner and I also have ALWAYS had a full-time job. How hard could it possibly be to wake up a little later than usual, get ready for the day (make-up and heels included), take Vitale to Pre-school and do a few chores??

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