Monday, October 4, 2010

Cheap(er) Thrills for the One-Click Shopping Addict

I remember it like it was yesterday...I discovered something that made my mouth water, my body tingle and had me in a semi-psychotic state of giddy delirium. The find that could possibly quench my thirst for the Un-attainable, haute couture fashion. With the world-wide-web and all of it's wonders, the fact that I live in Boise, Idaho was no longer the issue- it was the price tag that comes along with those beautiful designer labels. Fret no more! I was bombarded by an array of the "members-only" online sample sale websites. came first. I was stunned that I could purchase a Betsey Johnson necklace for $25. So that's what I did. I bought the darn thing, along with a cute little Boy Meets Girl tee.

It was that really took me by surprise though. I had been on the hunt for a perfect pair of jeans for a LONG time and found the cutest pair of rhinestone-studded bootleg jeans with just the right amount of  "stretch" by Rock and Republic for a mere (hold your breath) $50. Yes, I mean it, FIFTY DOLLARS!! With the denim and a few other choice discount items, I thought it may be smart to have them delivered to my place of work instead of my home. This way, if I don't like it and choose to make a return, Stephan wouldn't have an un-necessary heart-attack (in case you've been wondering, Stephan is my breath-takingly handsome fiance, who is actually, very supportive of my buying habits but sometimes forces me to take a 'rational' look at my spending- and I'm happier with being in complete denial).

Then came the Gilt. I have not made a spelling error, mind you. I am not speaking of that heart sinking feeling one experiences when making a big oops that requires an apology. I'm referring to the Mount Olympus of designer sample sales- or Gilt Group. If you are craving labels such as, Dolce & Gabanna, Burberry, Oscar de la Renta, and Fendi on a regular basis- this is where you need to be. I about had a Couture-induced seizure when I stumbled upon this fashionista's paradise. Don't even ask me what I bought or spent here, I am determined to remain in denial and even is Stephan...yes, even him.

Eventually, I stopped working as an assistant and began working on my Fashion degree full-time. Thus, the packages began arriving at home and the available funds in my bank account started to dwindle, leaving me at a shopping stand-still. However, these websites are great at keeping me informed of the latest sales and events that happen daily. Though I am forced to take a break, you should check them out! I have compiled a nice little list below...happy shopping!

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