Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Funny (and not so funny) Things a Toddler Says...

Our 3 year old boy has a rather large imagination and absolutely no verbal filter. Also, he can't seem to remember to pee in the toilet and not in the bathtub- he has the entire 1st verse and chorus of Eye of The Tiger memorized. I think kids are much smarter than we sometimes give them credit for...and much more manipulative. There are those who joke about cats plotting to take over the world...I think it's the 3 year olds.

Last week, Grandma Sherry was driving the both of us home after we gave daddy a free pass to watch football without any distractions. It was nice to get to spend the entire day with my parents. Stephan's only request was that I bring him home some dinner leftovers, which were nicely packed in the front seat with me. Vitale and I were having a nice little conversation, and smack in the middle of my response, he politely holds up one finger (cutting me off completely), turns to grandma and says in his sweetest voice, "Umm, Grandma Sherry? I am berry hungwy...I think I need to go to McDonald's". "Oh, really??" she says back at him. "Yes, I really need a Happy Meal with chicken nuggets, french fries and a boy toy". He smiles manipulatively..."can you please take me to McDonald's?". Are you kidding me?! Did he really just pull one over on her...that would never work on me (or would it?). Sure enough, grandma smiled back brightly and pulled into the nearest Mickey D's. A half hour later when we get home, I'm in trouble because now, formerly blissful dad is starving!

Now if Vitale tried to get his way with me in the same manner as he does with the grandparents, I might think it's cute. However, less than a month ago when he didn't get his way and threw a tantrum (over having to take ONE bite of macaroni), I did the bad mom thing and faked a call to Santa to let him know that Vitale wouldn't eat his dinner. I told Vitale that Santa said he would not be bringing him any toys for Christmas if he didn't take just one bite of his dinner. What does little Talee do? He picked up his imaginary phone, holds it to his ear and says, "Hey ninjas? Will you kill Santa? Ok, thanks.". Again, Are you KIDDING me?! Did my 3 year old just order a hit on Santa?!!

There are some pretty funny things that come out of his mouth though. For instance, the other day the 3 of us were passing our favorite Mexican restaurant where we had recently gone to eat with my dad and Sherry. Vitale looked out the window and excitedly shrieked, "Look!! That's where me and my Grandpa Jim and the Mexicans ate our food!". Now those are the comments I really get a kick out of. If only they were all so harmless and adorable.

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