Monday, September 20, 2010

My Top 5: Online Fashion Influencers

Kelly Framel ~ The Glamourai

This girl has truely embraced fashion as an art form. Blogger since 2008 and accessory designer. Her style is fabulous Classic Vintage Chic, I love it!

Elsie Flannigan ~ A Beautiful Mess

Known in the Blogger World as, Elsiecake, she reminds me of the girl I always wanted to be in highschool; a vintage-clad drama "geek" who wore whatever she wanted- as long as it was used and nobody else had a thing like it. Loves tattoos, her pug and making things out of vintage items. She's a designer from Springfield, MO and runs her own vintage boutique, RedVelvetart.

Sandra Hagelstam ~ 5 inch and up

She has a shoe closet to not only be envied, but one I would kill for. Sandra is a full time fashion student at London College of Fashion, and she sells the clothes she wears right off of her blog!

Audrey Whit ~ audriealphabete

I stumbled upon this 19 year-old, Kentucky girl, while futzing around Chictopia. She may not be on any top-blog list, but she has fabulous taste and blogs about clothing, celebrities and just about anything else that sparks her interest- very cute, very silly. She makes me laugh on a regular basis with her quirky little comments:)

The Sartorialist

I love everything about this man's blog. His photos are beautiful and so real. He has a great talent for seeing & capturing the beauty of these people and places that most people, would never notice on their own. His posts aren't bogged-down with too much fluff- they are simple, artistic and frankly, they speak for themselves so there's no need for extra verbage, anyway..

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