Sunday, September 19, 2010

Yeah, yeah..

I am TERRIBLY behind on this blog- but that's okay, given my number of readers...hee.

How's the domesticated, stay-at-home-momma thing going?'s not. A week of not being able to get myself into the shower before 11 and chasing around a 3 year old, has proven to be not such the easy feat- since I can't get ready before 11, little Vitale can't get to school before noon to make it for lunch and nap, so I'm S.O.L.
I got a job. Laugh all you want, i'd rather sell off my handbags than try to prove a point. Don't get me wrong- I love my little monster, but he's even more high maintenence than his mommy!!

I'm doing a little search engine optimization ebay posting for VintageBlessings- an online boutique that sells Vintage and Antique items, mainly Quilts, lace and linens. The history behind these Quilts is awe-inspiring!

Check us out at or on Ebay!

And here's a little show and tell... Me and the little man at the fair (Stephan took the picture, I wish he was in it)- yes, the cow is eating my hair. I eventually panicked when he didn't want to let go.

Shirt, no-name brand, $10 at Burlington- great score.

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